Island Contracting

2nd June 2018


Vector and Mark had worked together previously for St James’s Place Wealth Management in Gloucestershire throughout 2013 – 2016.

Our resource team reconnected with Mark as we had been tasked with finding a Senior PM for a Risk project with one of our financial regulatory clients in St Helier.

Ashley Keen, Director of UK & Offshore 
“I thought Mark would be an excellent choice for our client.  I knew from personal experience that he is reliable, delivers high quality work and has a friendly and down to earth, yet professional approach.  He would be one of Vector’s initial placements from the new office in Jersey so the service from all of us had to be exceptional”

Now 6 months in to the 12 month project, we asked Mark to give some brief thoughts and guidance on contracting with Vector in Jersey:

Did you encounter any difficulties with red tape or administration to be able to work in Jersey?

No issue whatsoever; Vector sorted out everything**

The end client have been very welcoming of contractors, making you feel part of the team and very happy to accept the experience you are able to bring in.

How was it to get to grips with the travel and staying in Jersey whilst working?

Finding accommodation in Jersey is slightly trickier with many hotels able to fill their rooms, so they are less keen to provide a continued favourable rate unless you have booked well ahead.  Jersey is very well serviced by regular flights from all major UK airports; I use Birmingham and journeys can be a challenge if affected by adverse weather, but clients know this is part of island life and are accommodating and flexible when needed

Any tips or suggestions for contractors starting work in Jersey?

Accept that there will be some weather disruption affecting flights during any longer term assignment and book accommodation well in advance to get the best price; overall it is a great place to work with some very interesting projects in a more relaxed environment.

**You/your Limited Company will need a licence to provide us services on Jersey.  We have close ties with necessary contacts within the Government and will arrange this on your behalf.

In addition to their standard referencing, Vector also obtained NDAs, financial checks and Basic Disclosure Scotland clearance on the Supplier’s behalf for this particular client.