Business Systems Manager

Added 17th November 2023

We are on the lookout for a Business Systems Manager to enhance the management of our client's business systems. This role is pivotal in supporting specific applications and overseeing a dedicated team.



Oversee the daily management of a small, specialised team.

Prioritise and address issues based on their impact on business operations.

Develop and maintain strong relationships with key third-party vendors to ensure timely delivery of software and services.

Identify and capitalise on opportunities to drive business progress.

Act as the primary point of contact for communication between business users, the IT Department, and external partners.

Apply an analytical and detail-oriented approach to problem-solving.

Provide mentorship and support to team members with less experience in managing business systems.


Essential Skills 

Effective in engaging with management and translating needs into system specifications

Skilled in overseeing all phases of system implementation

Strong understanding of CRM, databases, and integration tools

Excellent at identifying and resolving system issues

Adept in communicating with various internal and external parties

Capable of analysing data and providing actionable insights


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Up to £45,000 pa.



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