Digital Analyst

Added 7th August 2023

We are looking for a Digital Analyst to decipher digital data, transform it into actionable insights, and guide the future of our client's digital strategies



Evaluate and interpret data from various digital sources to extract meaningful insights

Collaborate with the digital marketing team to optimise campaigns based on data-driven feedback

Identify digital trends and patterns, providing recommendations for business strategies

Challenge and seek clarity from partners on their viewpoints, ensuring all digital solutions are robust and fit-for-purpose

Present complex digital and technical information in an understandable manner to diverse audiences, from tech teams to business stakeholders

Play an active role in all phases of the project life cycle, from inception to delivery and review

Ensure timely delivery of digital projects, adhering to set budgets

Handle and adapt to requirements and change requests, ensuring they align with business goals

Draft, edit, and optimise digital content for various platforms, ensuring it meets brand standards and digital best practices

Manage and organise product data, ensuring accuracy and relevance


Essential Skills 

Previous experience of working with digital systems

Exceptionally organised and detail focused

Ability to support project teams during all phases of a project life cycle

Ability to manage data - specifically product information

A passion and understanding of good website design and content creation

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Up to £45,000 pa.



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