Programme Director

Added 16th January 2020

Out client has had an Integration Director in place on contract helping them with integrating businesses that they have acquired over the years. This piece of work is now completed and the role has moved more into general projects so they are looking for a Programme Director to take the helm. This role will involve running a team of five Project Managers, two Business Analysts and four trainers across the delivery of 15 projects. All of these projects are up and running but there are three crucial projects that need to be delivered this year; a warehouse management implementation (this is a module being built by a 3rd party supplier to automate barcodes, tracking of stock etc), an invoicing and back office optimisation across systems and processes and a data management and cleansing project.

Your role will be split, 70% ensuring project delivery and 30% putting fires out and carrying out strategic planning for the future, so looking and suggesting upcoming projects, ensuring they are future proof and advising that they will need to address X, Y and Z within the next 6 or 12 months. It will be a varied role, holding Project Managers accountable, making sure dependencies and resources for dependencies are covered in the organisation. You will need to ensure plans are properly articulated and reported to the leadership team on a monthly basis as well as understanding other challenges around the business and making sure the projects still happen.

Essential Skills 

  • 15 years experience managing multiple projects with a track record of on time delivery
  • Multiple sector background.


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