Senior Data Engineer

Added 20th September 2023

We are seeking an experienced Senior Data Engineer to work in our client's engineering team to design, build and maintain their data platform, ensuring it is scalable, reliable, and secure



Collaborate with others in the engineering team to ensure the platform is optimised for performance and security

Manage and optimise data pipelines to ensure data quality, consistency, and availability

Design, implement, and maintain data transformations in PostgreSQL using DHT

Design and implement monitoring and logging solutions to detect and respond to issues quickly

Work closely with the ML analytics teams to support data modelling and machine learning workflows

Work closely with the Real-World Evidence team to support RWE workflows

Design and implement data access and authorisation policies to ensure data security

Develop and maintain a deep understanding of big data technologies, and cloud computing


Essential Skills 

Demonstrable experience in platform and data engineering, focusing on big data technologies and cloud computing 

Strong programming skills in Python

Fluent in a dialect of SQL

Extensive experience with data warehousing and data modelling



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Up to £85,000 pa.



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