Training Lead

Added 16th August 2023

We are looking for a Training Lead to develop and execute a comprehensive Training Strategy for an ERP implementation. You will play a crucial role in ensuring successful user adoption and proficiency in utilising the new ERP system. You will collaborate closely with the existing Change Management team and workstream leads to align training efforts with change initiatives.



Develop a robust Training Strategy encompassing the training delivery model, approach to material development, resource allocation, and timeline

Lead the creation of a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify learning requirements for various user groups.

Design and implement a Training Delivery Plan that aligns with project milestones and user readiness.

Oversee the development of training materials, ensuring they are engaging, relevant, and effective.

Lead and manage a training team, providing guidance, coaching, and mentorship.

Collaborate closely with the Change Management team to ensure training efforts are integrated into the broader change strategy.

Coordinate with project stakeholders to align training objectives with business goals and user needs.

Conduct training sessions, both familiarisation and skill-building, for geographically-dispersed teams across multiple rollout phases.

Evaluate training effectiveness through feedback mechanisms and make necessary adjustments to improve outcomes.


Essential Skills 

Previous experience as a Training Lead on an ERP project


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