5th February 2019

Due to a couple of projects being delayed there has been an influx of IFS contractor resources. Mainly Technical skills including all Reporting, Administration, Custom Events/Fields, Data Migration and Lobbies. Also have Finance skills and an excellent IFS Test resource. Start in the next 2 weeks. Please contact me if any of these skills would be of interest.

Contact details 01892 771 447 or sr@vector-uk.com.

16th January 2019

Happy 2019. Expecting another very busy year across IFS contract and permanent recruitment. As ever if you are thinking of moving into a new role then please do contact me for a confidential conversation. I’m able to discuss current roles, day rates, and salary expectations. Contact details 01892 771 447 or sr@vector-uk.com.

30th November 2018

With the partner network ever increasing, finally there seems to be movements from the larger consultancies to build up their IFS capacity. Given the lack of availability across permanent and contract resources, surely this will give a much needed boost to the UK market. However, I’m interested to see if Senior IFS Consultants will transfer permanently or would contractors be happy with knowledge transfer of their highly sought-after skills. Plus will end users be happy with an offshore Support and Development model. One to watch.

9th November 2018

Very busy market getting busier. This week alone had IFS Support, Training, Technical, Finance, HR and Programme Manager contract roles. Permanent side IFS Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Business Systems Manager. Please contact me if you are looking for IFS contract or permanent work 01892 771 447 or sr@vector-uk.com.

19th October 2018

Many IFS Users are reviewing their support or new users looking at what options are available. After previous frustrations of their not being enough resources/consultancies, over the last 3 years this has considerably improved. During my 11 years of working in the IFS market I have received various feedback, so I’m always happy to take a call to discuss outsourcing, permanent or contracting. There are varied models now to suit most businesses.

14th September 2018

With the IFS User conference taking place next week I would be interested to hear any feedback about the two days. Obviously a focus on the new Apps 10 functionality and the growing partner programme. This event has always been viewed as a great opportunity to network and compare experiences with other users. Also to understand which consultancies, partner or independent are able to assist with system enhancements. Very interested in the independent representation this year. Please feel free to email or call me to discuss your experience. sr@vector-uk.com Tel 01892 771447.

10th August 2018

It is well known there is a lack of permanent IFS resources on the market. After discussing this issue with many clients one of the ways around this is offering 100% remote working. Many IFS consultancies have realised this is the best way to employ with end users beginning to follow suit. IFS candidates are based all over the UK, some in very remote locations. The working from home option has opened up these resources to many UK clients. I currently have a candidate based in Cornwall with great support and administration skills looking for home working. Let me know if they would be of any interest.

16th July 2018

New IFS Developer Contractors coming onto the market with IFS Consultancy, Implementation and Upgrade experience. Covering all IFS Reporting, Lobbies, Custom Events, Administration, Data Migration and Support. Please contact me should you want to discuss their experience in further detail sr@vactor-uk.com.

29th June 2018

As ever with a busy IFS contract market Finance skills are always hard to come by. New implementations and existing projects are finding it harder to find any Finance resources contract or permanent. Please contact me should you be aware of any new IFS Finance skilled candidates looking for work. Or if you are an ERP Finance specialist looking for a change to IFS, then please send over your details sr@vector-uk.com.

15th June 2018

IFS Technical Contractors having part time availability is becoming very common with clients only having budget or work levels to fit certain days. That is leaving some high level skilled contractors with 2 days a week available. Please contact me should you require further details on who is available and what IFS technical skills areas they cover. sr@vector-uk.com.