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The Growth of Retail

Emily Coombs, Senior Consultant, Retail Systems

The retail market is evolving, and multi-channel, internationalisation and globalisation are no longer theories and concepts, but very real challenges and opportunities being faced by our clients.

We recognise the specialist skills that this fast- moving environment requires, with IT no longer being just the nuts, bolts and boxes it once was. Now, the collaboration of departments is key, ensuring a smooth customer experience, whilst also considering repeat sales, new channels, new systems, gadgets and much more,

Emily herself has previously worked within the retail environment, which gives her a unique understanding of the blend of business and technology skills that are required by our clients.

“When I first started working in retail, it was all about maximising sales on the high street and directories. Now, with e-commerce firmly in place, the opportunity to expand into new markets and territories is key. One of our clients increased their turnover from £50M to £120M simply by opening another channel, despite being in a recession.”

Our candidates are highly skilled, and our recruitment processes ensure that we continue to fill roles quickly, saving our clients valuable time in this rapidly evolving market.

Focus on Scotland

Ruth Taylor, Recruitment Consultant

The demand for skills in Scotland remains as buoyant as ever, and as the economy continues to improve, so the business opportunity shows similar signs of expansion.

Ruth has a particular focus on the Scottish market, with central hubs in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Vector successfully recruit a wide variety of roles into our client offices, even when the skills can be harder to find.

The financial services market, and investment management in particular are continuing to expand and we’ve also had recent successes with clients in Government and the public sector

Our first placement in Scotland was in Glasgow over 13 years ago, for a well-established manufacturer – founded in 1899. Today, we continue to provide great value and service to our Scottish clients and have recently been engaged by a new technology provider in Glasgow to supply a number of testers and developers – a relationship we look forward to building on in 2014.

Our long-standing relationships with our clients means they know we can find the right candidates that they are looking for. Our network of candidates know the market sector well, with many using us exclusively as their preferred partner.