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Contractors with all the trimmings

In this issue of Inside Vector we are showcasing some of the best talent that we have coming available in the New Year. These individuals have completed incredibly successful contracts for us and are the epitome of professionalism in the contract market.

Oracle Consultant

Our first contractor completed a 9 month assignment at a world-leading centre of excellence in science and technology. The client are an established user of Oracle e-Business suite but are continuously trying to ensure they are getting the most from the system from both a technical and business process standpoint.

It was an incredibly demanding and tough working environment to integrate into; our contractor was required to work closely with the business to gain an understanding of what they wanted to achieve using the ERP. They were able to hold their own in conversation and even build a rapport with some of the leading Scientific and technical minds in the country.

Once they had developed an understanding of the business needs they worked in collaboration with technical teams to provide both Functional and Technical support on E-Business drawing from their 20+ years of experience working with Oracle systems. It quickly became apparent that troubleshooting issues that had arisen from a recent upgrade to R12 was going to be a major factor during his tenure on site; one predicament in particular was to do with Tax reporting where they found a formulaic approach to reconcile tax reports.

Messaging Engineer

Our next contractor is thought of as one of the most capable messaging engineers to have ever worked through Vector, this is reflected in the long list of market leading multinational companies they have delivered enterprise scale email and messaging solutions to.

This is the second successful contract that they have completed for us returning to a chain of department stores seen as a “national institution”. Their expertise in both Lotus Notes and Google Apps meant they were a perfect fit to drive through the migration of 10,000 end users from Lotus Notes to Google Apps.

The role required our contractor to split their time between the physical migration of the mailboxes, floor walking to support users during the transition period and Google Apps Administration/Configuration using Powershell and Google GAM command language.

E-Commerce Business Analyst

We also have an incredibly personable and vastly experienced e-commerce/Agile business analyst coming back on the market after finishing a group strategic project to greatly improve the online experience for a cutting edge fashion house. A fantastic understanding of the intricacies of the retail industry and a background of delivering successful projects for other retailers meant that the standard of the work they delivered was truly exceptional. Using a detailed and methodical approach they wrote user stories, acceptance criteria and wireframes to model new functionality and user journeys for both desktop and mobile sites.

Due to having a great working knowledge of all things e-commerce and the resounding success of their aforementioned project, our contractor was seconded on to a payment gateway project to replace the clients existing DataCash payment gateway with the WorldPay payment gateway for all ecommerce and mobile transactions.

Not only are we keen to keep working with them, we also know they are able to bring their knowledge and experience to our Clients. If you have a role you think any of the contractors could help you with, please do get in touch; Email: or call 01892 771 447.