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The Popularity of ERP

Peter Cordner

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) isn’t new – but when Peter started at Vector 14 years ago, it was more of a niche area of business. Now, with a dedicated team of 5 people, ERP continues to play an important role for our clients.

Investing in ERP is a long term commitment – from an initial implementation, companies need to maintain and develop or upgrade their systems, ensuring that new developments are integrated smoothly into what have often become business critical systems.

Vector’s success in this area comes from a deep understanding of the implications of ERP, helping the team provide real benefits in finding the right candidates for their requirements. “The quality of our ERP and SAP database is crucial. Our candidates are all of the highest calibre, with many coming through personal referrals. “

The team also need to understand the different ERP options available to clients, and can take a proactive approach, understanding the natural cycle of implementations with what can often be multi-million pound investments.

Our Rising Stars

Wayne Starritt

Vector has a proud reputation of developing our own talent, and we are delighted with the progress of our newest consultants. With a dedicated trainer we continue to work on nurturing the very best from our team, and finding the right people with the right energy to join us is key.

“Those consultants who do well with us are generally the ones who want to go the extra mile – and making that clear from the outset is important. We love to find people who want to understand that little bit more about our business.”

Candidates for roles within Vector have often approached us directly, and may have already spoken to our consultants as part of their research. Once they are part of the team, its great to find people who are keen to think about how they can do things better. From their initial introductions to Vector, to shadowing more experienced consultants, to handling holiday cover, our rising stars are already proving to be invaluable to our business.

Meet the team

Kelly Boneham, Contracts Assistant

Kelly began working as Contracts Assistant in July 2013, having joined Vector the previous November in the Resourcing team. Her degree in Law and her passion for detail made her the perfect choice for this role.

Kelly works on contracts with both our clients and suppliers, handling reviews and answering queries that may arise. She particularly enjoys helping people with no legal knowledge understand this potentially complex topic, breaking down the jargon into something we can all understand. Kelly’s attention to detail is a vital part of this role. “Its so important to stay on top of everything – whether I’m talking to new clients or highly experienced contractors”.

“I absolutely love the work I do – I find it fascinating. It may not be for everyone, but I really enjoy analysing all the contracts I work on. It is really important to ensure everyone understands the relationships between the parties involved in all our contracts, and to make sure they are fair