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Meet the new recruits

3 consultants, 3 offices and 1 local service

We’d like to introduce you to some of our newest recruits, and get their perspective on working “Inside Vector’. We take great pride in finding people to join our team who have the right energy and focus, and then introduce them to our unique approach to recruitment.

Andy Hazell has been working for Vector for 11 months. He joined the Wiltshire office having previously worked as a sports coach. “I was looking for a more dynamic environment – something that would challenge me a bit more, with lots of opportunity”.

I started working full time as a recruitment consultant after Christmas. I’d been training for a few days a week up until that point. I got such a buzz from making my first placement, for a company just a few minutes down the road from our office. I’d worked really hard, so it was amazing to start to see the results.

There is so much going on at the moment – we have lots of technical roles and roles for developers. Most of the companies we are talking to are either looking for developers right now, or have plans to recruit in the future. Our challenge is finding the right candidates.

Our approach means that we want to find the right people for our clients – and with such high demand for candidates, we need to be inventive, and honest. We had a role that was going to be really hard to fill just recently, so we talked to the client about finding someone to train for the role, rather than continuing to search for the ideal candidate.

I definitely made the right choice in joining Vector. There’s never a dull moment, and always something going on, The day can change instantly – you might start with very little on your desk, but by lunchtime, you are snowed under with 2 or 3 new roles to work on.

Andy Ging is our newest recruit, having started in March this year. Based in our Cambridgeshire office, Andy may be new to recruitment, but this isn’t his first sales role. “I used to do face to face sales, but this is a complete turn-around. Now I do all the calling. It’s very different, but I knew what I was coming in to. I have other friends who work in recruitment, but what we do is in a different league. I believe we provide a much more professional service.

“At the moment, I’m focused on our candidates, getting to know them and what they are looking for, as well as understanding the market and the opportunities that are out there. I’m learning all about the types of roles we work on, the terminology, and what skills people have and need.

“We work in an exciting catchment area. London is a close commute, and often takes people out of the area. But Cambridge is growing much more quickly than the UK economy at the moment, particularly in the technology sector, with the new business parks here. It’s been very useful to know the area well too, which is something I brought from my previous role.

“Our office hasn’t been open long, so companies are still finding out about us, and about the way we work. Whenever I’m calling clients, I know that what we offer is so different. We are new to the area, but we are providing something that no-one else does.”



Charlie Dagwell is in our Sussex office, and joined us 18 months ago, having just graduated in a Business Management degree from Bristol. “I knew I wanted to go into a sales role, and I did initially look at jobs in London. But the commute wasn’t attractive.”

Like all our new recruits, Charlie started in our resourcing team, then began his training to become a recruitment consultant. “The support I have had from my manager has been brilliant. It is my first “proper” job and I’m giving it all I’ve got. It is hard – we work in a very competitive market – but if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun!

“I work on the contractor side of the business, and as I’m focussed on the Kent and Sussex border, we are often competing for candidates with other roles in London. A lot of our candidates are enjoying a better quality of life by being able to stay closer to home, rather than facing the commute. And they are all so interested in the clients they work for, and what they do.

“I love the way we source candidates - we are so unique as we don’t advertise, but it means that our clients get much better quality candidates. We don’t focus on numbers, we look through our own database, find the very best matches, and go through the top 3 or 4 with our clients. We really put thought into it, rather than just shuffling papers across a desk. We make things easy for our clients too.

“Vector is a great place to work – my support network is second to none. A lot of credit has to go to my manager Peter. He’s extremely experienced, and he helps me hit my targets. If ever I’m struggling, we sit down to find out why, so that I can get back on top of things.