Vector Live


Investing in our own technology

Genna Haines - Facilities Manager

Over Christmas, we made some much-needed upgrades to our internal communications infrastructure. As part of a growing recruitment company, we believe it is vital to continue to invest in our systems and technology, to make sure that we can provide the best possible service to our clients and contractors.

With the introduction of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and BTnet, we can now provide seamless connectivity between our offices, helping us to improve our communication processes, as well as improving our resiliency and speeding up our access to information. We’ve also introduced a video-conferencing service, which we are currently testing internally at the moment, but hope to be up and running with externally before too long.

Update on resourcing

Lauren Turner – Resourcing Manager

Often we hear that the first quarter of any year can be a quieter time, but our clients have certainly kept us busy. Whether it is for business as usual, or planning ahead, our clients are not holding back on their projects. Instead, they are taking clear decisions about where they want to be, and what they will need to get there. One of the challenges for our clients is that when you work in technology, you have to keep up with new developments in order to keep progressing!

As the recruitment market gets busier, we only have a short timeframe in which to engage with our contractors for any role so one of our key strengths is to focus on why the project might be interesting – finding the right hook from the outset. We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have on both our clients and candidates in finding those hooks – which might be different for each person we speak to.

We now are starting to see even more placements coming in for the next few weeks, spread right across the country, and across all market sectors. We always work hard with our clients to ensure they know what their ideal candidate might look like, but also to recognise that often there are other candidates who are just as capable of delivering against the brief.

Meet the team

Allan Callus – Senior Consultant

Allan joined Vector in 2000, and relocated to our South West office in 2010. He has the unique blend of skills and specialist knowledge to recruit both for permanent and contract roles. He is passionate about his work, and embraces the diversity in recruiting for both types of vacancies.

Allan’s contacts allow him to be able to recruit across the board, however, he has found an increasing trend is developing for roles that blend both functional and technical skills and experience. He knows that finding that hybrid person can be quite a challenge. “Our clients are looking for people with technical knowledge, but with an understanding of business systems – both sets of skills are important. This demand looks set to increase, so our candidates must look at how they can build up their relevant experience.”

“What is great about my job is finding the right marriage between a candidate and a client. The right fit is essential, whether it is for a contractor or a permanent role. I’ve known many of my candidates for years, and its great when they come back to me for their next opportunity, because they trust me.”