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From strength
to strength

The newest Vector office opening in Ely demonstrates our commitment to expand our business in Cambridge and East Anglia, building on our highly successful track record. Emily Coombs, East Anglia Director, is relishing the challenge.

“We have a great foundation here, but the new office gives us a chance to gain new clients as well as developing our current relationships. We are building the infrastructure for our future in the area – it takes time to get established, but we are getting some fantastic feedback already.”

Knowing the local market is so important - “The challenge that many of our employers face time and again is finding the right skill sets locally – whether they are looking for permanent staff or contractors. We’ve already been able to demonstrate our ability to understand the needs of our local clients, and place the right candidate, even though in some instances, our clients felt that they had no other option than to recruit from London, or even further away.”

“We already have a really strong network of suppliers and candidates. I’m looking to build long term relationships, and I want to make sure that both my clients and contractors are happy. We want to support the local business community, and our approach is what sets us apart.”

Vector have been professional, courteous, and friendly, and most importantly they get the job done. They have demonstrated they want to work in partnership with us by understanding our business and how we work.

Their placement with us was prompt, efficient and met our needs. I’d recommend them without a doubt, because they followed through with everything they said they would do.

Nick Burton – 3C ITC Shared Services, Partnership between South Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridge City Council and Huntingdon District Council.

Emily is very professional, and Vector is a very efficient organisation. They clearly have robust administrative processes and a policy of transparency. The staff have a “can do” attitude and this goes a long way in cultivating the loyalty of contractors. The journey from first contact, through interview, feedback and my placement with the client was smooth.

Crucially, Vector does not simply deploy you to a client and forget about you - they are on the journey with you, ready to support and pre-empt issues.

Christopher Esuruoso - PMO Lead providing services to Vector on site at Cambridge University Press