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When we are asked to staff whole projects, or provide multiple resource within a defined timeframe, organisation of our own teams and clarity of Clients’ requirements is key.

Below are two recent case studies which demonstrate successful delivery of requirements:

Case study 1

This new client was embarking on a digital transformation initiative which required the sourcing of additional external resource to work in collaboration with their existing internal teams.

They identified a number of key projects that had a shortfall of in house expertise and worked exclusively with us to ensure that they received the only best resource available on the market.

The most urgent and high profile project was the replacement of their CMS which required a complete overhaul of their existing website, including the rebuild of all templates and components, although there would be no change to the functionality for end users.

7 developers were needed on contract. Delivery timescales were 3 months which included the Christmas period. Services were provided by us on time and within budget with an average interview to start date of 13 days.

Case Study 2

In contrast to the above, this was a client that we have worked with consistently for the past 10 years, supplying a mixture of contract and permanent resource.

This particular programme is an enormous Digital Transformation, plus a change in direction for their marketing strategy to increase their online presence.

We worked closely with the hiring managers to gain an understanding of what they were trying to achieve, this enabled us to not only understand the direction the client wanted to go but also the correct culture fit for the business.

All of the projects were content heavy so they knew in advance that they were going to need numerous content editors/copywriters in order to deliver the project to the agreed timescales. They budgeted for a team of 10 contractors that were to work collaboratively with some existing permanent members of staff to deliver the new sites. The programme ended up being far more work than they had anticipated and during an 8 month period, we delivered an additional 8 contractors.

Speed of interview to start date was particularly quick, at an average of 5.83 days.

Please contact us if you would like assistance with contract resourcing, would like us to quote for a fixed piece of work or require permanent staff. Email: or call 01892 771 447.