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Fiona Stoddard – Financial Controller

Integrating Finance

Fiona joined us in April 2014, with over 15 years experience as a management accountant in Financial Data Services. Having already made the move out of the city, she is really enjoying the pace of working with Vector – “It’s a dynamic, driven, young and motivated environment”.

Fiona is keen to ensure that Finance is seen as a highly integrated part of the business, providing commercially focused management reports to support key business decisions as the company continues to develop. The day-to-day running of the business is just as essential, and Fiona wants to keep that working as smoothly as possible whilst she works on improving the reporting and finance processes internally.

“My role should involve working closely with the whole company. I don’t want Finance to be seen as the desk in the corner that no-one wants to approach – like an independent operation in the business. I want to be streamlining our work to ensure that we are producing useful and meaningful reports that help to drive the business forwards”.

Spotlight on…

Ben Keenan – Wiltshire

Ben has been working with Vector for just over 6 years, having had successful careers in both car and event sales. His focus is around Wiltshire and Swindon, and during his time at Vector he has developed long term relationships with many of his clients.

One of his first clients was Nationwide, who at the time were looking for COBOL developers to work with their legacy systems. They were struggling to find the specific skills they were looking for, but Ben was able to introduce the right candidates to them quickly and efficiently, which led to a strong partnership.

It’s a common theme for Ben, who works hard to ensure he understands the business and technical requirements for his clients. “I know their businesses well – I attend every interview that we set up for our clients, so that we can speed up the recruitment process, improving the time it takes to find the right people for each client, and ironing out any issues quickly and effectively.” With Screwfix and Capita having similar relationships with Ben, he knows the importance of the personal touch with his clients. “Successful placements come from knowing my clients, their culture and their needs. In addition, by knowing our own candidates means that I can be sure I am putting the right people forward.”

Stuart Rimell – Gloucestershire

Stuart joined Vector 4 years ago, and is based in Gloucestershire. His clients are varied, from Defence (BAE Systems Applied Intelligence) to Financial Services and local Councils – including Gloucestershire County Council.

“We recruit across all levels – from IT support roles to Senior Program Managers on multi-million pound projects. We’re usually filling roles for clients where they don’t have the in-house skills”.

Stuart believes that he is good at identifying requirements for his clients because he is able to spend time face to face with them. “My clients can call me to talk about a role, and I can pop in to see them to discuss their needs further – it really makes a difference”. This works so well for Stuart that often he no longer needs to send contractors for interviews – the clients know that Stuart will send them the right people without needing to see them first. “I know the contractors as well as the clients, so I’ve been able to prove time and again that I have the right people to hand to be able to fill the roles that we have”.

Although he is not from a recruitment background, Stuart believes that his success is quite straightforward – “we are honest with our clients, and deliver a great service’.