Vector Live


Vector Live update

We have recently completed the latest in a long line of upgrades and development for our own bespoke timesheet and contractor portal, Vector Live. Originally launched in 2009, Vector Live is a tailor made system unlike any other timesheet management system. The system was initially designed to initiate our paperless office aims, covering the core aspects of timesheets, contract management and invoicing.

We’ve come a long way since then.

The most recent introduction is auto-invoicing, launched in September. This allows our suppliers to generate their own invoice from Vector Live, and is designed to save time by facilitating invoicing at the click of a button. By using information already in the system from timesheets, we can eliminate errors and most importantly remove the problem of having to reject inaccurate or incomplete invoices. The VAT for the invoice is automatically calculated, and suppliers can even add their own company branding. The last step is to provide a preview of the invoice, allowing for final checks prior to submission. Contractors can of course still use their own finance systems, but this is one more step along the way to make our processes more effective and streamlined.

Whenever we do any upgrades or development work, we test the system thoroughly, from every perspective, to try and iron out any potential issues before we go live. As with any update or introduction, we do have teething problems, but we are delighted to have been able to resolve any initial issues as soon as they arise, helped by Proworx, our developers, who have been brilliant in terms of understanding our requirements, challenging our thinking and proactively managing the delivering of the upgrades without disrupting the business in general.

We still continue with developments for Vector Live, and the further integration with our finance system and processes gives us the opportunity to investigate new functionality. We are looking at enhanced commission reports for our sales team, which will give us good insight and clear indications on how well our consultants are doing, and improving. We have also recently introduced contractor ratings, although this is a work in progress so we will continue to develop this further over the next few months.

We have proactively improved the process for VAT tracking. Suppliers are now required to submit their VAT certificates when we set up their account, which facilitates our compliancy and due diligence. Based on feedback from our contractors, we are working on enhancing the remittance advices we send out, to make them more informative with improved layouts. We are also working on a tab to provide guidance and Frequently Asked Questions to help suppliers use the system.

Our aim is to continue to find ways to make everyone’s lives easier. If you have any suggestions for improvements to Vector Live, then we would be delighted to hear from you.