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We officially started our permanent division in 2012 having found increasingly that we were being asked for this service by many of our clients when supplying them with contractors. Both candidates and clients felt frustrated by the lack of quality and honesty they had been experiencing elsewhere, so we invested in staff promotion, training and new hires to make sure that we had the correct infrastructure in place before embarking on this new venture.
Being trusted to find core permanent skills for businesses means that we needed to adopt a strong and structured methodology at early requirement stage to establish not just what is being sought technically, but the character desired, and additionally identify the ongoing opportunity within the business. All are crucial to engaging the correct applicants.
We are direct in our approach when discussing salary expectations and will only take on a role if we think we can deliver a swift and successful service for all parties, as in such a fast paced industry, getting salary and benefits right for the marketplace is vital.
You will not find our roles advertised externally. Instead, we spend a great deal of time communicating with our clients and candidates so we are able to judge and give advice accurately, the resultant is we are able to bring parties together who may otherwise not have found each other.


Just a snapshot of our recent activity, updated regularly.

Senior QA Analyst 

Software Services

South West UK


Junior Test Analyst

Fundraising Services

South West UK


Helpdesk/2nd Lin Support Engineer

Housind Association

North East UK


Network Administrator

Global market research company

South East UK


Applications Support

House building and urban regeneration company

South East UK


IFS Finance Consultant

International Life Sciences Organisation

South East UK


Java Developer

Payment Provider

South West UK


Business Test Analyst

Software Services

South West UK


UX/UI Developer


South East UK


IFS Support

International Life Sciences Organisation

South East UK


1st Line Support Engineer

Visual Arts Industry

South East UK


Technical Analysts X2

Transport Sector

South East UK


Permanent Recruitment - Case Study

Working in close partnership with a rapidly expanding software development company, we have recruited 50 of the 100 people that they employ to date. Based in the Midlands, UK, technical skills have been wide ranging, from 1st Line/Service Desk to technical specialists, Testers, Business Analysts, Project Analysts, Project Managers, Database Developers and Software Developers. At very senior level, the COO was also supplied by us.

Recruitment problems faced with solutions we provided:

Geographical location – search area widened, flexible remote working, targeting relocators, in-depth consultation with client in relation to secondary office location.

Culture/personality fit – we really got to know the client and their other employees well including knowing their backgrounds and preferred ways of working.

Skill sets – the client required particular finance system experience; we were able to sell their exciting success story to date using the press stories to speak with people who had finance experience, but had not necessarily thought of IT. Using our strong referral network and strategy and helping the client reorganise internal staff so that more difficult to fill roles could be given to incumbents while we backfilled the newly created vacancy.

Speed - provision of contractors to fill very difficult technical roles quickly. Again, using the knowledge we have of the organisation, outstanding ‘company fits’ were supplied and although these would be ultimately placed on a temporary basis, extended notice periods were agreed with these suppliers to ensure the client had security.


Endorsement from the CEO of the above organisation:

“We have worked with Vector for a number of years and in our experience they take time to understand not only our business and our requirements but also our culture. This results in quality candidates being provided that have been well screened and a very low interview to offer ratio which means we can focus on our business whilst Vector take care of our growing recruitment needs.”

February 2018