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Fixed Price & Consultancy

Fixed Price Contracts

For clients who prefer deliverables as opposed to hours or days spend, we offer this service working using either our own employees or trusted and highly experienced suppliers.

We have integrated features within our own system ‘Vector Live’ to enable very easy and visible management of fixed price work, setting out clear deliverables in any way or over any timeframe that is desired.
Clear and transparent charging, billing and payment cycles mean that we can supply this service extremely competitively, typically delivering a 30-40% cost saving vs our competitors, through internal efficiency and strong negotiation power with suppliers, particularly those wanting to demonstrate total IR35 compliance.

Please contact our Commercial Director, Grace Woolford for more information or a quotation.


Whether you are looking to increase your hiring through the recruitment of permanent or contract staff or a mixture of both, we are able to provide you with all the advice that you will need to make the right decisions and grow your business.

Case Study 1

Having made an initial four permanent placements of relatively junior but key staff in their development and testing teams, this extremely fast growing Retailer approached us for further advice on their ongoing recruitment strategy.

Biggest recruitment challenges faced by this organisation were:

  1. Perceived brand image due to some negative online press
  2. Geographical location (South West UK)

Our strategy:

To overcome the issues and re-think the branding of the entire IT Multi Channel E-Commerce department and promote the region and organisation to attract quality candidates to relocate.

This was achieved by having in-depth conversations with the heads of various departments within the organisation.  Taking time to question and listen to what they were looking to achieve over a 12 month window it transpired that the company were intending on adopting some serious cutting edge technologies which could put them at the forefront of their industry.


Armed with new and unique information we were able to reflect the company in a very positive light and are able to sell their projects and technologies effectively.

This developing relationship is managed by Allan Callus, Permanent Recruitment Director assisted by a team member experienced in the retail sector.  Please contact us for further information and assistance.

Case Study 2

A membership organisation based in the South East of the UK utilising a large proportion of contractor resource but also seeking a trusted recruitment partner for permanent recruitment.

Biggest challenges facing this organisation were:

  1. Over supply
  2. Out of control external online advertising adversely affecting workload of client’s permanent staff and negatively influencing hiring strategies

Our Strategy:

Several in depth meetings with senior technical teams and HR to establish and identify key areas for improvement in order to reduce the negative impact that multiple agency recruitment was having on the permanent members of the clients’ staff time and resources.


Proposal for the sole supply of both contract and permanent staff at fixed price accepted by client.  Personalised resource team structure put into place with KPIs and targets subject to planned reviews.  Continual on site presence, meeting all contractor suppliers and permanent applicants, ultimately providing a closely controlled account managed service which has been successfully implemented and continues to grow.

Account is overseen by Wayne Starritt and Lauren Taylor.