7 reasons why hiring an IT contractor is good for team morale

16th August 2019

For 25 years we’ve seen how adding a highly skilled, temporary contractor to your permanent team helps energise and motivate even the most pessimistic professionals.

Why does this happen? Here are seven reasons…

1. An injection energy & enthusiasm

When you hire the right contractor with the right skills, they’ll be raring to go on even the most energy-sapping projects.

Nobody walks into a new job low on energy & enthusiasm. Contractors know they don’t have much time to impress, and their reputations are built on good references and recommendations. They won’t be dwelling on past problems. They’ll arrive full of ideas and solutions that will help give your team a lift.

2. A fresh pair of eyes

A contractor provides a fresh pair of eyes, helping your team gain a new perspective, identify errors and implement solutions, lifting them out of the hole they’ve been digging.

If elusive answers are staring you in the face, the chances are a contractor will find them.

3. Reduces your team's workload

Extra resource – whether it be permanent or contract – immediately reduces the workload for the rest of the team. And nothing helps raise morale like breathing space in your Google calendar!

Contractors can help shoulder the load immediately, without the time-consuming support that permanent hires require to get them up to speed.

4. Contractors help upskill your team

Most contractors possess a wealth of knowledge and a wide range of skills from the variety of projects and industries they’ve experienced.

These skills can rub off on your team, improving morale as they learn new tricks, increasing their value within your organisation.

5. Contractors let your team focus on what they do best

Learning on the job is difficult and expensive. Rather than having your team struggle with software or languages they’re unfamiliar with (and unlikely to use again), hire a contractor with the skills you need and let your team focus on what they’re good at.

6. Progress is a great healer

Contractors push projects forward. And once a project team can see the finishing line, spirits lift and morale improves.

7. Professional friendships

Contractors come in all shapes and sizes, and a good agency will find a contractor that suits the personalities in your team. Friendships will be fostered and your team will widen their professional networks – yet another productive morale boost.

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