7 ways hiring contractors can save you money

8th November 2019

1. No recruiter placement fees

Just imagine that! When you hire contractors through Vector, you simply pay an all inclusive day rate based on the contractor’s expertise.

You’ll know exactly what the hire is costing each day, making project budgeting super simple and you’ll never be charged twice by agencies squabbling over who made the introduction (yep, that happens).

2. Quick hassle-free hires

Most businesses can’t afford to rush a permanent hire. Get the wrong person, and they can have a negative effect on team morale and productivity – not to mention  wasting a lot of time and money during the hiring process.

In stark contrast, hiring contractors is quick, hassle-free and low risk. You’ll reduce time spent in interviews, and you’re project won’t stagnate waiting for long notice periods to end.

3. No learning on the job

Permanent hires are often made with the intention of moulding the candidate into the perfect team member with professional training or internal mentoring. This approach works, provided you have the time, money and resources to support the candidate’s development.

But when time and money are tight, you need a candidate that knows their stuff right from the off. A candidate that can pick up a project and run with it without too much support. This is where contractors really earn their keep. 

Every hour the contractor is working on your job, they’re being productive and pushing it toward completion.

No learning on the job = no wasted hours.  

4. A quality end product that works

Hire the right contractor with the right experience, and when the project comes to an end you’ll have a product that works as it should. 

Contractors can bring an instant injection of expertise to your project, which will help you avoid common pitfalls and expensive mistakes.

Get it right the first time and you’ll avoid wasting time and money righting avoidable wrongs.

5. You're not locked into an expensive full time contract

At the beginning of a large digital project it can be tempting to make permanent hires with the hope that another project will come along afterwards. 

But why take the risk?

If you don’t have a well documented pipeline of digital projects, we recommend hiring a contractor.  You’ll avoid being locked in to an expensive full time contract. And you’ll avoid paying a member of the team you don’t really need if the projects dry up. 

6. No need for extra equipment or added desk space

Contractors are equipped for the job right from the off. You won’t need to find extra budget for that expensive piece of kit only they know how to use.

Contractors also allow you to grow your team without growing your office space, as most are happy to work remotely or hot desk.

7. Skills and practices that rub off on your own team

The injection of expertise and knowledge contractors bring means their good practices rub off on your own team. 

This can reduce the need to send your team on expensive training courses, and make them more productive in the long run.

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