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I’ve been working at Vector for 10 years. My background was manufacturing and distribution, but I decided to move into recruitment with Vector due to the diverse range of opportunities they provide, which allows me to take full responsibility for my own business success.

Choosing to work within the IFS arena was a decision I made based on the manageable size of the market, and the fact that it is a quality niche ERP due to the investment it gains and the production and release of continually improving versions means increased market share, resulting in a thriving product and user base.

I know my contractors and permanent applicants very well. I am able to provide most contractors with multiple assignments and continuance of contract through Vector. I can advise individuals who would rather stay as a permanent member of staff where they need to look in order to achieve their goals in their next career move.

I work with clients to get them the best solution, whether they are looking for short project-based work or longer implementations. I can help them understand what they need to be looking for in terms of skills and cost – I know what true, current market rates are, who is available and when. I encourage our clients to think further ahead and be more flexible in their planning – looking at full or part time availability to make sure we can deliver the best possible solution within their timeframe, or advising them to wait for the right person to become available.

Offering truly independent advice, I am able to solve obvious problems very quickly – we are regularly placing with clients who have an overall lack of IFS knowledge in-house and want to consider an alternative approach to the traditional Consultancy route.

If you have any specific needs around IFS, then please do get in touch. I’d be delighted to talk through your contract, permanent or fixed price requirements to show you how Vector can help.

Simon Rider


30th November 2018

With the partner network ever increasing, finally there seems to be movements from the larger consultancies to build up their IFS capacity. Given the lack of availability across permanent and contract resources, surely this will give a much needed boost to the UK market. However, I’m interested to see if Senior IFS Consultants will transfer permanently or would contractors be happy with knowledge transfer of their highly sought-after skills. Plus will end users be happy with an offshore Support and Development model. One to watch.

9th November 2018

Very busy market getting busier. This week alone had IFS Support, Training, Technical, Finance, HR and Programme Manager contract roles. Permanent side IFS Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Business Systems Manager. Please contact me if you are looking for IFS contract or permanent work 01892 771 447 or

19th October 2018

Many IFS Users are reviewing their support or new users looking at what options are available. After previous frustrations of their not being enough resources/consultancies, over the last 3 years this has considerably improved. During my 11 years of working in the IFS market I have received various feedback, so I’m always happy to take a call to discuss outsourcing, permanent or contracting. There are varied models now to suit most businesses.

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