Getting The Salary You Deserve

17th August 2023

Getting The Salary You Deserve Image

When it comes to the IT sector, getting the perfect role is just part of the equation. Ensuring that role comes with deserving pay is equally crucial. Here’s where Vector Resourcing steps in to guide and support you:

Deep Market Knowledge

Always Updated: We're dedicated to staying on top of the IT industry's trends. This commitment ensures that your expectations and the industry's offerings are aligned.


Expert Negotiators by Your Side

Years of Experience: The art of negotiation is honed over time, and our team at Vector Resourcing has spent years mastering it. By handling countless successful negotiations, we've developed a sharp understanding of how to advocate for our candidates effectively.

Understanding Both Sides: Our long-standing relationships with companies give us insights into their expectations and flexibility. This two-sided perspective ensures we position your strengths in ways that resonate with potential employers.

Training and Continuous Learning: Negotiation isn't just an inherent skill; it's cultivated. Our team regularly attends training sessions, ensuring we're up-to-date with the latest techniques and strategies in negotiation.


A Personal Touch

Telling Your Story: We look beyond just the CV. By focusing on your career journey and milestones, we present a comprehensive view of your capabilities to potential employers.

Future-Ready Advice: With the ever-evolving nature of the IT sector, we provide insights on upskilling and staying relevant, helping you maintain an edge in the job market.


Access to Great Opportunities

Unadvertised Jobs: Our strong industry ties mean we often have access to exclusive roles not advertised elsewhere.

Building Trust: Years of dedication have earned us a reputation. When Vector Resourcing vouches for a candidate, employers take note.


Complete Compensation Insight

The Full Package: Beyond just the basic salary, we offer guidance on understanding and negotiating various aspects of compensation, from bonuses to additional benefits. This ensures a holistic approach to your compensation.


Regular, Valuable Feedback

Benefit from Experience: Our extensive history in IT recruitment offers a wealth of knowledge. We share insights from previous placements to bolster your approach.

Growth with Every Step: Feedback isn't just about pointing out areas of improvement. With us, it's a roadmap, helping you consistently evolve and refine your strategies.


Efficient and Targeted Job Search

Direct Matches: We streamline the process, connecting you to roles that align seamlessly with your skills, experience, and career aspirations. This means less time searching and more time preparing for the next big step.

Armed with Information: Knowledge can make all the difference during negotiations. We provide insights into companies, the roles they offer, and the compensation they're willing to provide, setting you up for success.



With Vector Resourcing, you gain more than just a recruitment agency; you gain a career ally. We're here to ensure every step in your professional journey is met with the recognition and remuneration you rightly deserve. We make your career aspirations a reality.