Summer may be officially over, but the forecast stays sunny!

2nd September 2018

We saw a dramatic rise in requests for permanent staff from our clients during the hot summer quarter which in turn resulted in an increase in revenue over the period of 30% vs Q2.

Allan Callus, our Permanent Recruitment Director explains why and what the trends are likely to be as we move through the end of 2018:

“One of the main things to note from the last 12-18 months is the rise in salaries which across the skills board have been 15-25% higher”.

“Geographically, aside from London, we are seeing ‘recruitment hotspots’ continuing – Bristol, Birmingham and Edinburgh are all extremely popular locations for established and emerging businesses.  We are seeing a resurgence of start-ups backed by venture capital firms, some of which are retaining our services to find them entire teams; they are working to tight and specific deadlines within which we are fully involved and focused in helping them achieve their short and medium term goals”.

“Turning to skills, in short supply at the moment are: Testers, within an automated environment, Developers, particularly with Python, PHP, C# and .Net expertise and 2nd/3rd Line Support functions within Azure and cloud services”.

“When we speak with employers at the start of their recruitment process, we will assist and encourage them to think flexibly in terms of location, hours and skill sets and really consider what is essential for the role.  Job specifications may have re-worked to meet the conditions of the market, but our aim is to help our clients to find a solution to their problem whilst not just focusing or telling them to compromise”.

“My established clients often use me as a ‘sounding board’ before even writing their job specifications so that they can save time and go straight to market when they are ready.  Thinking about what your organisation can offer over others is really key – candidates want to know where a company is heading in the future, not just with technology, but when it is inevitable that they will receive multiple offers of employment, it is critical that we discuss these factors with you in advance.  Vector works hard to establish clients as their candidates’ number one choice.  By not advertising our roles on job boards we are attracting a different and often higher calibre of applicant as we will speak with those not continually looking for new opportunities and we will conduct thorough due diligence before presenting them to cut down the length of the recruitment process, give sound advice and increase the acceptance of offers”

At our Permanent Recruitment section on our website you can also find ‘Successful Hires’ which gives accurate data on recently filled positions and provides real time information on current salary trends.